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Primrose nursery

By entering the space of our Kindergarten  you will see what is in every kindergarten - a cloakroom, tables and chairs that meet Polish standards, shelves with toys and books, binders for children's works. However, we are very different from traditional institutions. What?                


We all refer to each other by first name. We believe that there is no reason to build an artificial distance between Children and Adults. The latter act as a tutor, i.e. someone who accompanies the younger members of the community more in their development, watches over their safety, and animates the learning process than is a teacher in the traditional understanding of this concept.


We do not design the educational process rigidly, but we follow the children's needs. At the same time, the classes we prepare refer to the current core curriculum, so as to enable children to acquire knowledge of the requirements set by the Ministry of National Education. The children, however, decide for themselves  do they want to take advantage of the classes, and if they do not feel the need at the moment, they choose a different solution - playing with someone else, working on their own or ... lying on the couch. And if sometimes  willingness to build a base or play together in the world of children's imagination  draws them in so much that it obscures the motivation to work, then the realization of the classes loses its sense anyway. Then it is worth following the heroes of the joint adventure ... Most often, it turns out, however, that the cognitive curiosity, natural need for development, and the atmosphere of fun that accompanies work attract large numbers of children around the leaders.                  


They ask many questions, actively participate in activities, formulate conclusions without fear of evaluation. We do not use punishments or a motivating system. Based on neurodidactics, science bordering on psychology, pedagogy and medicine, we assume that creating appropriate conditions for Children, i.e. taking care of their sense of security, interest, activating positive emotions and building a deep relationship.  will result in activation of internal motivation. And it works!               

Therefore, one of the most important values for us is creating a relationship, building a community in which everyone feels good and safe. Therefore, it is extremely important to stimulate empathy and sensitize children to the needs of other members of our preschool community. If we have any difficulty, we talk to the parties to the conflict so that everyone has a chance to understand what happened and why and how to find a way out of the embarrassing situation. We often sit in a circle to discuss events together or find a solution acceptable to everyone.   


When you look at Dandelion, you can often see us playing, Kids sit on the back of an Adult, sometimes roll on the carpet together, often hug. Why do we allow the Children to "climb over the head"? Because we believe in closeness :)


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