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Forest kindergarten in Borchówka

The dream of a forest kindergarten germinated in our heads from the very beginning of the Foundation's establishment. We needed a few years for it to grow, but thanks to persistence and persistence, it took real shape at the beginning of 2020.    


In the heart of the Lodz Heights Landscape Park, in the picturesque village of Borchówka  Our first forest kindergarten operates on 1.5 ha of forest. Place  where we can accompany our Children in their growth. Place  for free play, co-creating reality and building peer relationships in harmony with nature and the surrounding forest world.  



Our forest
We have a fenced area of one and a half hectares at our disposal, including a wooded plot with a cottage and, ultimately, 2 spherical tents. There is a forest and ponds in the area, and the fields run through the cannon  charming tributary  Moszczenica. Another advantage is the low density of settlement in front of people, which guarantees peace and clean air.  

Our day


  • we provide care between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.

  • we start the day with a joint meeting of the Children and Tutors at 10.00, 

  • we carry out educational activities, taking into account the core curriculum,

  • we all eat meals together at scheduled times,

  • meals can be entrusted to us or prepared on our own,

  • depending on the size of the group, 3 or 4 will be involved in working with children  permanent adults, 

  • target group  will count max. 25 children

  • the educational activities also include additional, e.g. English or ceramics.


We invite all interested parties to the recruitment meeting,  which they will  up 2.06. and  5.06. We will start the meetings  at 5 p.m. in our forest.  If the epidemiological situation does not allow, we will invite you to a zoom meeting and a virtual walk around our space.


People interested in participating in the meeting  we will ask for participation declarations at the address


The number of places at the meeting is unlimited :) and  about  admission to kindergarten  the order of applications will be decisive. The group will have up to 25 Children.  

tel. +48 504 287 776


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