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School group
on Krawiecka


We invite you for a tour of our "School". We use this term a little informally, for want of a better one, but we are a "school" a little different from the others. Sit back and imagine a place where education flows on threads called relationships. Relations. It is on them that we build everything that happens at the Foundation. They are our key to education, learning to solve problems, discovering and building ourselves. Children feel safe, at ease, they like to be in this place, and adults can sit down and talk about what they want to talk about. You can stop for a while and see each other. We start from there. Since seeing you man


Me in the Community


Due to the fact that all our activities are based on building relationships with children, parents and tutors, we live in an ever larger community. We form a Dandelion tribe that share common goals. The Dandelion Community is a space in which we are equal, attentive and each of us, big or small, learns and develops.


What is education like?


In our opinion, it is the educational process that should flow with the development of the child, not the child chasing him, therefore  we work in groups, divided more or less by age. Why "more or less" and what does it mean in practice? Education in grades 1-3 is divided into blocks: writing, reading, counting, and each block takes place on three levels so that children can work at the pace they need.  In older classes, when our pupils have a passion for a certain subject, they have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the older group, and if they need more time to learn something, they can come to the class that is currently working on it.  


We explore the secrets of the world and develop skills. Let us use creative and diverse techniques and tools to make education interesting and stimulating for children. We educate through play, we work with projects. We want children to be able to use the acquired knowledge in practice and to know why and why they learn certain things, therefore, if something can be experienced empirically, we make every effort to make it happen thanks to experiments, tours and thematic workshops.  



Children spend their free time with whomever they want, mix between age groups and interests, they have space to spend this time according to their needs and imagination. They can take advantage of additional activities (e.g. Krav Maga, ceramics, art, scretch ), play with friends, dance, sing, play football, build bases, artistically survive, build with various blocks, read, rest and many many others. We try to provide them with a creative and stimulating space.  


We also pay great attention to individual internal development. At this point, we are not afraid of emotions and we try to understand them, we support children in solving difficulties and problems, but we do not do it for them, thanks to which they develop their social skills, learn their own and other people's limits, get to know themselves better. We support building self-awareness, sensitivity and individuality. We teach techniques to deal with stress and tension, to provide support, but also to receive it. 

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